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Court Fines Trump $2 Million for Diverting Money From Veterans Fundraiser to His Campaign


Court Fines Trump $2 Million for Diverting Money From Veterans Fundraiser to His Campaign

Court Fines Trump $2 Million for Diverting Money From Veterans Fundraiser to His Campaign

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An honest businessman.
Photo: Olivier Douliery/AFP via Getty Images

A judge ordered President Trump to pay $2 million to a group of charities on Thursday, ruling that the president had broken the law by directing the proceeds from an event advertised as benefiting veterans to his presidential campaign instead.

The lawsuit stems from the wild days of the 2016 Republican primary. Because of a feud he maintained with Fox News at the time, Trump decided to skip a debate hosted by the network just before the Iowa caucuses in January 2016, and hold his own, competing event instead — a televised fundraiser for veterans. Shockingly enough, it turned out the event wasn’t quite on the level. Rather than having the foundation run the event and direct all proceeds to the charities, as promised, Trump did something quite different. As New York State Supreme Court Justice Saliann Scarpulla put it in her decision on Thursday:

“Mr. Trump’s fiduciary duty breaches included allowing his campaign to orchestrate the Fundraiser, allowing his campaign, instead of the Foundation, to direct distribution of the Funds, and using the Fundraiser and distribution of the Funds to further Mr. Trump’s political campaign.”

The lawsuit was brought by New York State attorney general Barbara Underwood, who announced last year that the Trump Organization would shut down amid her investigations into its well-documented chicanery. Though Trump had said on Twitter that he would fight the fundraiser case, his lawyers and the state have been in talks for months to negotiate a settlement.

It’s a loss for Trump, but $2 million is a minor blow in his universe — and the judge could have been harsher. She decided not to impose any punitive damages on the president, nor impose lifetime bans on him and his children from serving on the boards of New York–based charities in the future, conditions the state had been seeking. (Though she did put into place other restrictions involving his future charitable endeavors.)

Trump suffered another legal setback on Monday, when a federal appeals court ordered him to produce eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns, in a case likely headed for the Supreme Court.

Trump Fined $2 Million Over Fishy Veterans Fundraiser

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Roger Stone’s Expletive-filled, Godfather-heavy Day in Court
By Matt Stieb

Heavy swearing, a Bernie impression, multiple Godfather references —- what more could jurors want from a case on the integrity of American elections?

vision 2020
Jeff Sessions Announces Alabama Senate Bid By Sucking Up to Trump
By Matt Stieb

The former senator and attorney general debased himself for Trump’s approval in a new ad announcing his run against Doug Jones in Alabama.

House Dems Want to Give America Impeachment Xmas Present
By Ed Kilgore

By eschewing litigation and hard-to-secure witnesses, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and company are on a fast track to a pre-Christmas impeachment of Trump.

vision 2020
Bloomberg Dips Toe In Presidential Primary Waters
By Ed Kilgore

The former mayor has met the 2020 contest’s first filing deadline, in Alabama. But he hasn’t ruled a real run in or out.


Come on

It gets even more interesting. I hear from a good source that Eric Holder has been consulting strategists about possibly jumping into the Dem presidential race. NYT reports Michael Bloomberg is seriously considering a late entry as well.


Bloomberg might – might – be on the brink of entering the presidential race
Michael R. Bloomberg is actively preparing to enter the Democratic presidential primary and is expected to file paperwork this week designating himself as a candidate in at least one state with an early filing deadline, people briefed on Mr. Bloomberg’s plans said.Mr. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and billionaire businessman, has been privately weighing a bid for the White House for weeks and has not yet made a final decision on whether to run, an adviser said. But in the first sign that he is seriously moving toward a campaign, Mr. Bloomberg has dispatched staffers to Alabama to gather signatures to qualify for the primary there. Though Alabama does not hold an early primary, it has a Friday deadline for candidates to formally enter the race.Should Mr. Bloomberg proceed with a campaign, it could represent a seismic disruption in the Democratic race. With his immense personal wealth, centrist views and close ties to the political establishment, he would present a grave and instantaneous threat to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., who has been struggling to raise money and assemble a ideologically moderate coalition.

president trump
Trump Fined $2 Million For Diverting Money From Vets Fundraiser to His Campaign
By Benjamin Hart

Generally speaking, it’s not great to take money meant for soldiers and use it for your political campaign instead.

vision 2020
Report: Steyer Aide Offered Iowa Politicians Money in Exchange for Endorsements
By Ed Kilgore

An adviser to the billionaire got caught hinting that local candidates endorsing him might come into some campaign contributions.

vision 2020
Leftism Isn’t Very Appealing to Nonvoters. But Bernie Sanders Is.
By Eric Levitz

New survey data suggests nonvoting Democrats are less ideologically progressive — but more anti-Establishment — than their co-partisans.


Some spicy impeachment testimony today from the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State

GEORGE KENT: “Mr. Giuliani, at that point, had been carrying on a campaign for several months full of lies and incorrect information about Ambassador Yovanovitch … His assertions and allegations against former Ambassador Yovanovitch were without basis, untrue, period.”

11/7/2019democratic debates

democratic debates
Next Debate May Be Do-or-Die for Four Candidates
By Ed Kilgore

Throwing an elbow — or a bomb — in Atlanta is one way to make the stage in Los Angeles.

11/7/2019just asking questions

just asking questions
What the Hell Is Going on in Chile? A Protester Explains.
By Sarah Jones

With 20 people dead and the military in the streets, South America’s wealthiest nation grapples with extreme inequality — and it’s own history.


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A (relatively small) legal loss for Trump
A judge ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to a collection of nonprofit organizations as part of a settlement with the New York state attorney general’s office to resolve a civil lawsuit that alleged “persistent” violations of charities law that included unlawful coordination with the 2016 Trump presidential campaign, according to a court filing Thursday.Filed in June 2018, the lawsuit alleged that the President and his three eldest children – Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric – violated federal and state campaign finance laws and abused the Donald J. Trump Foundation’s tax-exempt status. According to the lawsuit, the Trumps allowed the foundation to be used “as little more than a checkbook to serve Mr. Trump’s business and political interests.”The settlement comes in the wake of an agreement by the foundation in December to dissolve under judicial supervision.


This is not a good look at all for Steyer’s campaign
A top aide to Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer in Iowa has privately offered campaign contributions to local politicians in exchange for endorsing his White House bid, according to multiple people with direct knowledge of the conversations.The overtures from Pat Murphy, a former state House speaker who is serving as a top adviser on Steyer’s Iowa campaign, aren’t illegal — though payments for endorsements would violate campaign finance laws if not disclosed. There’s no evidence that any Iowans accepted the offer or received contributions from Steyer’s campaign as compensation for their backing.But the proposals could revive criticism that the billionaire Steyer is trying to buy his way into the White House. Several state lawmakers and political candidates said they were surprised Steyer’s campaign would think he could buy their support.

2020 elections
Will Trump Crush Jeff Sessions’s Senate Comeback?
By Ed Kilgore

With Sessions ready to jump into the race for his old seat, his GOP rivals hope Trump punishes him for recusal in the Russia collusion investigation.

reality tv
Donald Trump Has Reportedly Discussed Making The Apprentice: White House
By Adam K. Raymond

He “jokes” about never leaving office, but Trump is dreaming about returning to reality TV when he does.

11/7/2019the national interest

the national interest
Kamala Harris Admits Evil Neoliberal Scheme to Educate Low-Income Kids
By Jonathan Chait

Why would Harris try to give low-income students a better education when she could simply reshape society?

11/7/2019foreign interests

foreign interests
The Massacre of a Mormon Family in Mexico Will Hang Over the 2020 Election
By Jonah Shepp

This horrific example of Mexico’s security problems will likely become a fixture in Trump’s rhetoric on combating violence south of the border.

the top line
Insane Slides From SoftBank’s Presentation Explaining (?) How It Will Fix WeWork
By Josh Barro

Maybe Adam Neumann isn’t the only charismatic founder-CEO who needs to be paid to go away.


One way in which Sanders’s massive war chest will come in handy
Bernie Sanders’s campaign plans to spend more than $30 million on TV advertising alone in the first four presidential nominating states and California, according to several people familiar with the strategy, a financial show of force that also suggests he needs to reach outside the traditional sphere of Democratic primary voters and caucusgoers for support.Mr. Sanders, the senator from Vermont, has been on the air in Iowa since early October, when his campaign spent $1.3 million on television advertising, and has bought $1 million of TV time in New Hampshire beginning Thursday.The campaign has so far largely flouted traditional politicking, wagering instead on robust on-the-ground organizing to bring new voters into the political process.


A not-so-surprising revelation from the forthcoming book by the anonymous Trump op-ed writer: Cabinet members thought Pence would go along with a move that would remove Trump and make him president
According to the exposé, which is written by someone that The New York Times and the publisher of the book say is a current or former senior White House official, using the pen name “Anonymous,” highly placed White House officials did a back-of-the-envelope tally of which Cabinet members would be prepared to sign a letter invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which says that if the president is deemed unfit to discharge the duties of his office, the vice president would assume the role. That letter would need to be signed by a majority of the Cabinet, delivered to Pence for his signature and then submitted to Congress.According to Anonymous, there was no doubt in the minds of these senior officials that Pence would support invoking the 25th Amendment if the majority of the Cabinet signed off on it. 


Bernie’s new immigration plan would end ICE raids and give DACA recipients legal status
Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday released his comprehensive immigration plan, calling for a complete restructuring of the system through legislative action and a series of executive orders.On day one of his administration, the candidate for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination said, he would place a moratorium on deportations, end raids by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, stop construction of the wall on the US-Mexico border, end family separations and shutter for-profit detention centers.Under his “A Welcoming and Safe America for All” plan, the Vermont independent indicated for the first time that he will reverse guidance from the Trump administration’s Department of Justice and permit asylum claims from those fleeing domestic or gang violence. Sanders would also overturn Trump’s so-called “public charge” rule and ensure that immigrants are not discriminated against based on income or disability, while extending temporary protected status until more permanent resolutions are in place, invalidating Trump’s efforts to end those designations.In his proposal, Sanders expands on his support for extending legal status to the 1.8 million young people who are currently eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and pledging to provide relief to their parents, as then-President Barack Obama sought to do, by using executive authority to allow undocumented immigrants who have lived in the country for at least five years to be free from deportation.

The GOP’s Opposition to Impeachment Is (Terrifyingly) Principled
By Eric Levitz

Many conservatives simply value the preservation of liberal democracy less than the maintenance of their movement’s power.

ukraine scandal
Bill Barr Refused to Publicly State Trump Did Nothing Illegal in Ukraine: Report
By Matt Stieb

Frustrated by the behavior of Rudy Giuliani, AG William Barr reportedly refused to hold a press conference asserting Trump’s innocence in Ukraine.

11/6/2019impeachment inquiry

impeachment inquiry
Lindsey Graham: Trump Too ‘Incoherent’ to Pull Off Quid Pro Quo
By Matt Stieb

After saying that the impeachment inquiry was “B.S.” on Tuesday, Graham returned with a defense of Trump that’s more insulting than effective.

vision 2020
Biden Calls Warren Naïve, Naïvely Says GOP Will Have a Post-Trump ‘Epiphany’
By Matt Stieb

Biden suggested Republicans would see the light on bipartisanship after Trump’s exit, forgetting, perhaps, the majority of his time as veep.

fake news
How a (Mostly) Fake Campus Controversy Illustrates the Media’s Outrage Economy
By Jesse Singal

The now-famous bánh mì protests at Oberlin were mostly invented by the media. The interesting part is why.

11/6/2019intelligencer chats

intelligencer chats
How Much Does One (Very Troubling) Poll Matter?
By Gabriel Debenedetti and Benjamin Hart

Intelligencer staffers discuss a much-discussed survey that included some very scary results for Democrats.

Virginia Democrats Should Get Right to Work — by Repealing ‘Right to Work’
By Eric Levitz

Virginia is one of the most anti-labor states in the union. Democrats finally have the power to change that.

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