9 Things Meghan Markle Has Stopped Wearing


There’s no arguing with the fact that our lifestyles can dictate how we dress. In the case of Meghan Markle, that’s true to the extreme. Sure, she’s been in the public eye for quite some time as an actress, but certainly not to the extent that she is since becoming engaged to Prince Harry and marrying into the royal family. As has the rest of the world, we’ve been keeping a very close eye on what she wears every time she steps outside, but we’re also paying attention to what Meghan Markle has stopped wearing—and the list is growing.

Markle’s style was decidedly “L.A. girl” when she started dating Harry, and slowly but surely, she’s had to adjust to the fact that there are certain things royal family members never get to wear, whether it’s because of the queen’s strict preferences or just tradition and British etiquette.

While Markle has been slightly rebellious in some ways (i.e., her off-the-shoulder neckline at last month’s Trooping the Colour), she’s adhering to royal protocol for the most part since becoming a duchess, even wearing nude pantyhose and avoiding trousers when in the queen’s presence. Below are nine examples of things she’s stopped wearing since becoming a royal—in the public eye, at least. Read on for photographic proof and to shop her new style.

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